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ADHolidays: Halla Slim Dolman gifts!

Hello there! How are you? I hope you’re having an incredible day! It’s getting close to the holidays! Can you feel the excitement building? We celebrate Christmas here and the kids have their final day of school tomorrow. To say they are excited would be an understatement. I’m one of those people who doesn’t get… Read More ADHolidays: Halla Slim Dolman gifts!

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Astronauts & a new camera trick

I couldn’t be happier with the way this project turned out. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to figure out how to do the back button focus,. Also for getting the kids to take decent photos. It involved no bribery!… But then, i thought about it and realized….they are really just that fun together. So maybe it had nothing to do with me, after all. I mean, look at those kiddos! How lucky am i?… Read More Astronauts & a new camera trick

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Glitter Bonnie Leggings : Aurora Designs Holiday Freebies

Hi all! Hope you are having a great day! Brandi Lowery, the fearless leader here at Aurora Design Fabrics* had a fabulous idea the other day! She figured we (all the admins) should do something big for all of you this holiday season…so she came up with the Aurora Designs Holiday Freebies! Throughout the month of December, we will all be writing and sharing our favorite free patterns and tutorials with you! My first project to share is this pretty pair of Bonny Leggings!… Read More Glitter Bonnie Leggings : Aurora Designs Holiday Freebies

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The Posh Top: George & Ginger Pattern Company

For my final version, I used this gorgeous green glitter print from Aurora Design Fabrics. I love how it seems to sparkle, even though it’s just an illusion. I also used Aurora Designs white cotton Lycra for the trim. The green was one of my favorite colorways and was part of my surprise box from Brandi this month. I’m so glad I got a Christmas-y color, as now I have a shirt to wear for holiday things that is both comfortable and dressy. You can find the glitter custom round here: Aurora Design Fabrics Pre Orders but be sure and head over there very soon, as they will be closing on the 9th of December! … Read More The Posh Top: George & Ginger Pattern Company

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Sincerely Sawyer Pattern: George & Ginger Pattern Co

This sweater is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen so far this fall/winter. I love the sleeve detail. And the pattern is written so that it would be easy enough to switch it up and do no ties at all or ties on both shoulders, if you so choose (I think I’m going to try both at some point!) I’ve used ribbon for a tie, as well as fabric, and they both work as well as the other. Another option for the tie would be to use bias tape… Read More Sincerely Sawyer Pattern: George & Ginger Pattern Co