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A new camera strap & a new plan of attack for my issues with perfectionism

Hey family! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today! I made something new and am excited to share it with you. While I do that, though, I wanted to also talk about something I’ve been struggling with. I made a goal for the new year that I would be more authentic in the content that I’m putting out, so I want to be sure and share the struggles and problems I have, as much as the fun, pretty things I make.

Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap

I’m part of a group on Facebook called the 52 Week sewing challenge. Essentially, we are trying to all make 1 new item every week of the new year. There are “challenges” and things that we can sew along with the group, or we can go off script and make something that we have been wanting to make. Either way, we are eligible to win the weekly prize, as long as we have sewn and photographed our item, then shared it in the thread for the week. This week’s challenge was to sew something that would help with sewing. I have been wanting to make a tailors ham for awhile now, but I was running behind this week and didn’t have anything to stuff it with (besides rice, which I’ve used for a needle holder before. I don’t like using rice, though, as I feel like it won’t stand the test of time very well).

Pattern for Pirates free camera strap pattern tutorial

Over the holidays, Patterns for Pirates came out with several fun freebies, like they do every year. One of the things they shared was a camera strap tutorial. While I love my new camera, I’m not a big fan of the strap that came with it. It’s skinny and not well padded and says “NIKON” across it in big yellow letters. So when the tutorial came out (in December), I began to make a camera strap...then got sidetracked (and it went into the to-do pile). I had honestly forgotten about it, until I had an accident the other day and dropped my precious camera (I had loosened the strap because it was in my way, and  then forgotten to tighten it back up. I decided it was time to finish the one I had started….only I was going to make some improvements to the tutorial and make my version the strap of my dreams.


***You can find the camera strap tutorial (and vinyl pattern piece) here:

Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap

For my fabric, I chose this beauty and the beast print I got from Cotton Candy Fabrics a loooong time ago on pre order. I wanted something that would be pretty and have lots to look at, in case I need to use it one day to distract little ones. 🙂 I followed the pattern/tutorial specs almost exactly, except instead of making my own vinyl ends and straps, I just used a seam ripper to take the existing ones off my Nikon strap instead. I also added a piece of foam (approx. 8″ X 3″) to the very middle of the strap, for neck padding. I added a bit of length, as well…so the piece of fabric i cut was actually closer to 42″ X 12″. I prefer a longer strap, so that I can wear it around my hip if need be.

Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap

The tutorial calls for you to fold a 36″ by 12″ piece of fabric 3 times, fold the ends in so that there aren’t any unfinished edges hanging out, then add interfacing to thicken the strap and make it more durable. Because of the interfacing, vinyl AND the foam, I went with a jean needle and heavy topstiching thread. The last thing I want is for this thing to fall apart and drop my camera (which is probably worth more than my car at this point. 😆 ) I also did a bit of “quilting” on top of the foam piece, so that it wouldn’t shift around inside the strap. I stitched a rectangle around it, then stitched two large Xs over it. For the vinyl pieces, I attached them around the very ends, then stitched around them and stitched 2 Vs on top of each other. I went over these stitches about 4 times, just to be sure they were on there as strongly as possible. All in all, I’m really proud of the way it came out! What do you think?

Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap

I have been really struggling with perfectionism lately, so making something that wasn’t on the “to do” list for the group almost got to me. At the end of the day, I didn’t even need to make what the challenge item was…but I think it just goes to show that my anxiety and perfectionism level lately is at an all time high. I have several new YouTube videos that I’ve recorded all the way through, but have yet to edit. When editing, I tend to get hyper focused, so it takes me forever. Because editing takes so long and I get so tightly wound about it, I end up putting it off, then not getting it done.

Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap

I promised myself that this would be the year that I overcame my perfectionism. I have decided that for videos and sewing projects alike, I’m going to allot myself a certain amount of time, and then just publish them or finish them up, regardless of how “perfect” they are. If my goal is to be authentic, I shouldn’t have to edit videos that much anyway, right? What are your thoughts?

Do you struggle with perfectionism as well? Do you have any advice or tricks that you’ve picked up that help with it? I would love to hear from you!

Mermaid Mama Designs Camera strap

Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading! I appreciate you!

Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt



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