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Dollar Tree Haul video:

Hi everyone! Hope this post finds you well.

This video is our Dollar Tree Haul from a recent trip to the store! We LOVE Dollar Tree and how many great things we can find for just a dollar there!(#Cheapskatesunite!) We bought some makeup, photography props, toys, office supplies, decor, food and lot of other fun little things that we couldn’t wait to share with you guys. My favorite items are probably the Mermaid Journal and the dry shampoo. The kids favorites were probably the grow pod toys and the science experiment kids for growing crystals. They’re super excited to play with them.

**** I start sharing the things at 2:35. This one is a bit long because…kids. (sorry!) I’m in love with the cute little story Kalel told at first, though, and just couldn’t edit it out. There were a LOT of bloopers, too, but I left them out. Maybe we can do a bloopers only video one day soon. 🙂 ***

I purchased a few makeup items, specifically so that I could do a $1 makeup tutorial next week, like the one I’ve done before here: .
If you have any advice or suggestions about looks you would like to see, please let me know!

Thanks so much for watching my video!

***Fabric Haul Video (with the kiddos): ****

Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt