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Practicing my photography

Hello out there! How are you? I hope this post finds you well! Ever since I got my camera, a Nikon D5600, I have been practicing daily at improving my photography skills. I post quite often for pattern tests or strike off sewing, but I rarely post pictures of my day to day life. I have a ton of great photos that I’m dying to show off, so I figured I would share them here, with my friends!

I still have so much to learn, photography wise. I’m not sure I will ever feel confident enough in my skills to begin charging people to do it, but I’m loving every aspect of it, from taking the shot to editing it. I’m still playing around with Lightroom and trying to figure out if I like the presets I’ve found or not, but for the most part, I just edit them as I see fit. I love playing with the edges of the frame just a bit, to draw your attention towards the subject. Still working on leading lines and composition in general (as you can see), but I’m much better than I used to be, but that’s all that matters to me! 🙂

I hope you enjoy seeing these pics as much as I enjoyed taking them. What do you think? Do you see anything I should be working on? I would love to have some feedback on them!


Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading/looking!

Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt


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