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Kalel and Aquila seeing their present from mom and dad: a new playset!

Hi everyone! This won’t be a long post. I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to share our everyday/family life more often, so this is one of those posts. 🙂

We are seldom able to do everything we really want to for Christmas. Like most folks, we have a very tight budget that we have to stick to, so we work everything around this. It’s not to say that we aren’t very blessed to even HAVE a Christmas budget. But this year was a little different. We had a bit more money than usual in our budget this year and were determined to make every penny count, so we decided to do something big! Our backyard has been pretty barren, for the most part. My parents got the kids a trampoline a couple years ago and that is the centerpiece. They still love that trampoline and we jump on it at least once a day, but as far as toys and play things go, that was it. We have been wanting to get them something that they could have fun playing on, but wanted to make sure it was something that would last a good long time.

After going over all the options, it was an easy decision. Play sets that are well made seem to stand the test of time well. And ones with different types of play things on it seem to be a hit with ALL of our children (even the ones who want to believe they are too old to play outside with their little siblings). So we decided to go big and get the bad mama jama you see pictured. It cost a pretty penny, but I think in the long run, the cost will definitely be worth it. To be honest, it was worth it the moment I saw their faces light up! We were hoping to save it for Christmas, but the company that we ordered from is closed after today and won’t be open again until after New Years. If it was just up to me, I probably would have waited, but daddy is like a big kid when it comes to Christmas gifts, so we had it delivered. I couldn’t find anything big enough to cover it up and it would have been impossible to hide, so we just called it a gift from mommy and daddy and let them see it today.

It was pouring down rain, but we still just had to run out and give it a go.



Thanks for reading! Do you currently have a playset? What is your kids favorite thing to play outside? Ours are big into make believe, dress up…and of course, jumping.

Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt

2 thoughts on “Kalel and Aquila seeing their present from mom and dad: a new playset!

  1. So cute! What a great gift! We actually just took our playset down on Thanksgiving. My kids did occasionally still use it at 10, 11, & 13 but are old enough that they voted to take it down (we have to have a few trees that were behind it removed and not having it in the yard will make it much easier to bring in the trucks). We’ve had it so long that I don’t actually remember when we got it and the yard looks so weird and empty without it.

    1. Awww. I love this as a gift. I bet it was a bittersweet moment, huh? I’m sure ours will be there soon enough, as well. They all grow so fast! Our older ones are enamored with it right now, but probably only because it’s something new. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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