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A very Posh dress: pattern modification/hacking

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The Posh Top by George and Ginger Pattern Company is one of my newest favorite patterns. I made a couple of them during the testing process and I find that I wear them as often as possible. They go into the wash and go right back on, straight out of the dryer. Because of this, I have been determined to make another one, so that I could switch it up and not put so much wear and tear on my precious green glitter version. (You can read about that one-pictured below- here: The Posh Top: George & Ginger Pattern Company) .

April Simpson Hunt wearing a George and Ginger Pattern Company Posh Top made with Glitter fabric from Aurora Design Fabrics

During testing, a couple of the testers mentioned that it would be great to create a dress length version of it. The pattern is drafted to be a tunic length shirt, meaning it comes down to the hips. I love the longer length, because it means I can wear it with leggings or regular pants/jeans. But still….I figured that a version of it, done in super soft sweater knit, paired with leggings, boots and a scarf, would be AMAZING for winter.

*Not my photo: this was the pinspiration I was hoping to recreate. Click the photo to be taken to the original post it came from.

The Posh Top pattern is drafted for more stable knits, like cotton lycra, scuba, ponte or liverpool. You can absolutely make it out of most fabrics, but we found that the lighter weight or less structured fabrics (rayon, sweater knit, etc) tended to be a bit more “floppy,” for lack of a better technical term. The sleeves weren’t as pronounced and the neckband tended to fold over itself. Be that as it may, I really wanted to use this gorgeous french terry fabric I had gotten from Sincerely Rylee in a bundle during testing, so I went for it. I’m so glad I did!

george and ginger pattern company posh top turned into a dress, made with sincerely rylee french terry fabric and aurora design fabrics grey french terry accents

The only modification I made to make the sweater knit work was to add interfacing to the neckband. You can use your favorite interfacing. All I had on hand was Pellon 2 sided fusible interfacing, so that’s what I used and it worked beautifully. (although it did make it much harder to stretch my neckband to fit) My neckband is nice and sturdy and will be very easy to attach buttons or other details to, if I wish.

George and ginger posh top turned into a dress, made with sincerely rylee fabric and aurora design fabric french terry

To make the pattern dress length, I simply added an extra letter size sheet of printer paper at the bottom of my front and back pieces, then graded out VERY SLIGHTLY from the existing shirt hem. The pattern pieces are already have the waist and hips points covered, so the curves were already there. I didn’t want it to be a lot wider at the bottom, so I only added about 1″ of width, total. (starting at the existing shirt hemline on the pattern, I graded out slowly to reach that width at the bottom of the new length). Apparently, 11″ was way too much length, as it ended up being a lot longer than I wanted. To be honest, I figured I would add as much length as I could possibly need, since I could always hem higher. I think I will probably do so and take off at least 4″-5″….tomorrow. Today, I wanted to get pictures of my new creation, so I tied one of the sides up to add some visual interest and not leave it looking too long and plain. 🙂

George and ginger posh top turned into a dress, made with sincerely rylee fabric and aurora design fabric french terry

I’m really pleased with the way it came out. I’ve worn it all day and am definitely a fan of how warm and snuggly it is. Is there any fabric better than french terry? I highly doubt it. I’m always somewhat wishy washy and call them all my favorites, but during the cold winter months, I don’t think it gets much better than FT, unless it’s fleece lined nylon fabric….which I have yet to find anywhere. I have some store bought leggings made from this material and am DYING to get my hands on more and make my own leggings. (If you see some for a decent price, please let me know?)

George and ginger Posh Top made into a dress, using sincerely rylee french terry and aurora design fabrics french terry for accents


You can find the posh top pattern here: The Posh Top for Women

The George and Ginger Facebook group is here: George and Ginger Facebook Group

The pink french terry is from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics. Their site is here: Sincerely Rylee Fabric

The grey french terry is from Aurora Design Fabrics. Their site is here: Aurora Design Fabrics


So, what do you think? Is this a pattern you can see yourself making? Have you turned one of your favorite shirts into a dress before? What do you think of this dress? I would love to hear your thoughts!

George and ginger Posh Top made into a dress, using sincerely rylee french terry and aurora design fabrics french terry for accents

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Just for fun, I’m going to drop some of my favorite new pictures from this weekend below. My 1.5 year old was trying to help me setup the blow ups out front, but the wind was crazy. She kept setting them up, then they would blow towards her and she would RUN away. I managed to catch a little of it on camera. I’m a little biased, but I thought it was totally adorable. 🙂 

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