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ADHolidays: Ornaments a plenty

Hi everyone! For today’s #ADHolidays freebie, I started to make a video, but figured it was easy enough to figure out, so here it is!

Having fun while making the ornaments

I used the Made for Mermaids Christmas ornament pattern from last year to create these super sweet ornaments for our tree, using my Aurora Design Fabric scraps! It’s the perfect project to involve the kids. The tutorial calls for batting, but I used fleece instead. The tutorial says to sew them wrong sides together and leaving the edges unfinished. I just placed mine right sides together, stitched around the edges, THEN turned right side out and inserted the fleece. Then, I stitched the hole on top and attached the ribbon to hang them on in one fell swoop. You can honestly do it either way! If you aren’t a seamstress, you could easily hand sew these or just use some fabric glue!


pardon my wonky stitching…the kids were “helping” 🙂
This was a very simple, quick project (my favorite kind). You can easily make them in just about any fabric. We used double brushed polyester, cotton lycra, rayon spandex and stretch denim, but you can use woven fabrics as well! I love that you can trim them with anything to add a bit of spice, and I LOVE that they’re the perfect scrap buster. When you’ve been sewing as long as I have, you tend to have way too many fabric scraps around. This helps me use some of those up, and the kids had a lot of fun helping, too! They are always itching to help me with my sewing projects, but I’m always a bit nervous because needles+little fast hands=disaster (in my mind).
His "favorite" ornament: the one in custom Astronaut double brushed polyester fabric
His “favorite” ornament: the one in custom Astronaut double brushed polyester fabric

These would be great for one of those felt trees you place on the wall for the kids to play with. Just cut a tree out of felt and attach it to the wall, then use a bit of velcro on the back of each ornament! A felt tree is one of the projects I’ve had on my to do list for quite some time…but I’m guessing it will be going onto next years list, as well. My sewing table is buried under a pile of projects almost as tall as I am!


You can find the tutorial and pattern pieces here:

Have fun and Happy Holidays!


All of the fabrics I used for these ornaments came from Aurora Design Fabrics! You can find the shop here: Aurora Design Fabrics . You can also find them by joining the Aurora Designs Facebook Group!

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4 thoughts on “ADHolidays: Ornaments a plenty

  1. These are just darling! I’ve been trying to get my boys to agree to a simple sewing project like this for our tree but they just aren’t interested… I think I should have introduced sewing when they were a just a bit younger. Thanks for linking up with us at the Virtual Refrigerator. This is such a fun craft to do with kids. Pinned.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s hard to get boys to do it sometimes. Maybe when they’re older, they will find a need for it. My oldest two boys aren’t fans of it…until I make them something cool, then they see the merit in it. haha. Thank you for reading and letting me link. It was super fun!

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