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Top 10 favorite women's winter pdf sewing patterns from indie designers 

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! I was scouring the internet today, trying to find a list of great winter patterns to share with my friends in the Aurora Designs Facebook group….and I couldnt find one. It’s not that I couldn’t find one, rather, that I couldn’t find one that featured indie designers. I found a few roundups featuring designers that I’ve never heard of and some featuring the big 4 commercial pattern companies. I decided quickly that this was something that had to be remedied.  And despite the fact that I’m currently on the hook for 10 loads of laundry, a couple loads of dishes and several final pics for pattern tests…I WILL be the one to do it. 🙂

Today’s roundup is all about women’s patterns. I  will be posting a follow up list of men’s, then children’s winter patterns some time in the next week or so. I’m not going to go in any particular order. No favorites here! If you have any question’s or would like more info, please drop me a comment or message and I’ll be happy to help!


**If you’re looking for some great fabrics to use to make the following patterns, Aurora Designs will be having a huge Black Friday sale this week, complete with mystery boxes & bundles, stretch denim, velvet, flannel and sweater knits, just in time for winter sewing! You can find it all starting Friday here:


Here we go!

  1. Midway Bomber Jacket from Greenstyle Creations 

I haven’t had the pleasure of sewing this one yet, but it’s definitely on my list. There are a ton of features and it’s trendy, while still maintaining a timeless look.  Perfect for the upcoming cold weather

2. The Origami Tunic & Cardigan from Love Notions

This one I have had the pleasure of sewing up for a blog tour (you can find that here). It was broken down into very easy to follow steps and has a lot of great options for winter.  I’m a big fan of the handkerchief hem option. You could make it from a thick sweater knit and use the cowl, or make it from stretch velvet (like the kind that will be listed at Aurora Designs for black friday?), and you would have 2 completely different looks, both perfect for winter!

3. the Fireside Sweater from Ellie and Mac

This top is perfect dressed up or down, done in sweater knit or thinner blends. I love the neckband detail and how quick of a sew it is!


4. The Julianne Button Up Tunic and Dress

Yet another pattern that is chalk full of options, the Julianne is for woven fabrics and works perfectly as a top, dress or even jacket, with the right fabrics. I used the pattern to create a denim jacket recently and you can read about it here . This tutorial is one of the best things ever. All the DIBY Club patterns are great because they explain everything SO THOROUGHLY. There are videos, steps and different guides, all the way through the pattern, showing you how to do each technique required. I love a challenge and I love learning new things. This pattern accomplished both.

ginger skinny jeans

5. Ginger Skinny Jeans from Closet Case Files

This one has been on my to-sew list for ages, but I have yet to actually purchase enough denim to make them. During winter, I wear boots almost daily. There is nothing wrong with wrapping and tucking jeans into the boots, but I find it’s much simpler to just wear skinny jeans or leggings and slide them right on. Which makes this the perfect pattern for winter! although I have yet to make them, I do have numerous friends who have raved about this pattern, so I believe it’s a pretty safe bet. I’ll check back in after I’ve made them myself, though!

jordis 2.jpg

6. The Jordis Hoodie from Finnleys

In my search for the perfect hoodie, I found several. The Duck Butt Designs Back To school hoodie & the New Horizons Tami are a couple great options. But neither of them offer the unique flair of the Jordis. I love the cross body zipper, the hood and cowl and of course, the pockets! My favorite thing is the fact that you can make it from any material, woven OR knit. I’m excited about the possibilities of this pattern.

**The original pattern (above) is in German, so it may be a bit hard to follow. But in January, the ladies over at Aurora Designs have teamed up with the designer to release an English version. There will be a sewalong, as well as a discount code for the pattern. You can find the info in the Sewing Menagerie by AD Fabrics .


7. The Wolf and Tree Knockout Socks

What is winter….and boots and leggings….without some dressy socks or boot cuffs to dress them up? There is a theme with all of these patterns….options. And this pattern is no stranger to options. There are ruffles, double and triple ruffles, capelets, ruched boot top, rose accent, lace details and more. When I first saw the pattern release I had to admit I never would have imagined trying to make my own socks. But once the photos popped up in my feed, I couldn’t believe I had never wanted to! This is definitely on my sewing short list!


8. The Roadtrip Bodysuit by George and Ginger Pattern Company

There are a ton of different patterns I wanted to place on this list from GG, but I tried to think of types of items I hadn’t covered yet. The roadtrip bodysuit is one of my favorite base patterns. You can modify it and switch it up, to make it the focal point of an outfit, or you can do a lot of what I’ve been doing recently, and use the bodysuit as your under layer. It’s a full body suit, so no worries about it coming untucked. With the long sleeve option, it covers you completely, yet it’s very fitted, so there is no loose fabric to get trapped in between your layers. It’s the perfect essential to pair with everything else.


9. The Peg Leg Leggings from Patterns for Pirates

Leggings are the base of everything, when it comes to my winter wardrobe. Even on days I’m wearing jeans or other pants, I’m usually rocking leggings underneath them for added warmth (I STAY cold!), so it seemed only natural that we have a legging on the list. I chose these because they are a crowd favorite, plus they’re free if you join the P4P Facebook group. Other (more than) notable mentions in the legging category include: the Ninja Pants from 5 out of 4 Patterns (also free when you join their group!), the new Urban Legs from Ellie and Mac, Stride Athletic Tights from Greenstyle Creations and the Sloane Leggings from Hey June Patterns. Honestly, they all fit each body type a bit differently, so there is no clear cut “winner” as far as general consensus goes. My advice? Try them all and find the ones that work best for you…or google the crap out of them to try and find out which will fit your body type best!


10. The Plantain T-Shirt from Deer & Doe Patterns

I love the plantain for it’s simplicity and ease of sewing. I also love the elbow patches (optional). I have made it in a thin knit for a nice summery shirt and out of French terry with long sleeves…and had it turn out to be my favorite thing ever. The hemline has the slightest curve and it goes together really well/fast. I love it for layering either under Or over other pieces. Hence it’s spot on the list. You can never have too many universal pieces.

Bonus pieces:

 The Infinity Scarf tutorial from Rebecca Page (a free tutorial!)

Free DIY Fringe Pocket Scarf Tutorial from DIBY Club

Free Banded Knit Beanie from Made for Mermaids


In keeping with winter apparel theme, the Curvy Sewing Collective published this post today as well. It’s a “pattern throw down” where they tried 3 different cardigans and gave feedback on how they measured up.  I thought it was a great read! That is here:

Well…that’s it! I contemplated adding five more to my total and making it a list of 15, but figured from there it would jump to 20 and so on. This list doesn’t include many things at all, as there are tons of wonderful patterns out there and amazing ones being released soon (hint, hint). So keep your eyes open and if you feel like there are some (or a ton) that I missed, please put the links and descriptions in the comments below and I will do another post with more! 

Next week, I’ll be focusing on men’s and children’s patterns! Thanks so much for reading! Have an incredible day!

Until next time,

Sewing and swimming,

April Simpson Hunt


**Occasionally , the links in my posts will be affiliate links. This just means that I have the potential to earn a small percentage of any sales that occur when my referral link is used. This is one of the ways I am able to keep my sewing blog up and running; through the support of my friends and readers. If you have any questions about how the process works, please read my Privacy Policy. 




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