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Favorite cookie recipes

Hey everyone! I saw a post the other day on Facebook about Christmas cookies and it got me thinking.

I LOVE COOKIES. Not a little bit. Like, a lot. My hubby loves cookies. My kids love cookies. Each person in my family can probably consume a full package of double stuffed oreos or chips ahoy cookies in one sitting. By ourselves. It adds up to a lot of cookies. We are constantly eating cookies, but usually reach for the staples. Because of that, I like to mix things up around Christmas time. I haven’t gotten to the point yet where I make enough cookies to take them to other people…because honestly, they never make it out of the kitchen. But one of these years…I will. 🙂

christie cookies


Christie cookie recipe:

This one has tons of great things. It’s essentially a very spruced up chocolate chip cookie. There are bits of toffee, chocolate chips and chocolate shavings, which leave little swirls in them. They’re soft and melt in your mouth. This recipe is the crowd favorite and goes the quickest.

brides cookies

Mexican Brides Cookies:

These are my personal favorite. They have powdered sugar, pecans and a little bit of crunch to them. Their light and airy and perfect for eating by the handful. (or hiding for yourself…after all. they have nuts.This is what I tell the kids so they will leave them be. haha)

Aunt Bertha’s Sugar Cookies:

So, funny story: my mom and I always thought this was some great family recipe that had been handed down through the generations. We never knew exacly which relative was names Bertha, but knew it had to be someon, as it was the recipe we used every year to get our amazing sugar cookies. Turns out….it is EVERYONE’S aunt bertha, as we found the recipe online 2 years ago and none of our family had put it online. haha. Fun times. Anyway…this recipe is the best for sugar cookies that I have found. I’ve tried several throughout the years, but always with mixed results. I don’t like my sugar cookies to be too sweet, as the icing I use (powdered sugar and milk, plus food coloring, with butter) is sweet enough on its own. This cookie has just a hint of sweetness and stays together well (no crumbling), making it perfect for frosting and decorating. The trick is to be sure you cook them exactly the right amount of time. If you cook them for too short of a time, they won’t rise up completely or be firm enough. Too long and they will burn. They’re fairly simple and perfectly delicious.

No Bake Oatmeal Chocolate cookies:

These are self descriptive, really. You don’t even have to bake them. They have oatmeal, chocolate and peanut butter. They’re amazing and quick!

Buckeyes/chocolate peanut butter balls:

This recipe is another that has been passed down through the family. Well, not this particular recipe. But close enough. Essentially a round Reeses cup, they are round chocolate balls, filled with a creamy, sweet peanut butter mixture. I love these, but more than the sweet themselves, I love making them with my family. The process of dipping the balls in the chocolate then leaving them out to dry makes quite a mess, but it’s a lot of fun.

peppermint cookie

The Newcomer:

Peppermint Meltaways:

I haven’t made this recipe yet but I plan to this coming season. I love peppermint in small doses and think it would be refreshing to have a new cookie that isn’t smothered in chocolate for once. We shall see how it goes!


I’m sure there are quite a few I’ve missed, but I saw the Christie cookie recipe today when sharing on Facebook and it made me want to share it with all of you! What cookies will you be making this holiday season?

Thanks so much for reading! Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt