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Stardust Textile Company's Broadway round & a Star shaped skirt hack

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by! I recently received a set of strike offs from  Stardust Textile company, and I just had to share them, as they’re probably some of the best prints I’ve worked with!

broadway final 4 copy.jpg

I have sewn a number of times now for Moonbeam Textile Company, but have never had the pleasure of sewing for Stardust Textile Company until now. They are 2 seperate companies that work together and have a joint Facebook group. I still remember the first strike offs I ever sewed for them. It was my first time working for someone besides a friend and I was eager to impress….But by the end of my first post about it (you can read it here), I had named the wrong host(said the fabric was from Stardust textile co when it was from Moonbeam Textile co), called the fabric the wrong thing and shared it on Facebook under the wrong title. Good thing I’ve grown and learned a lot since then! Let’s hope, anyway! lol.

studio ghibli

Normally, the strike off rounds are a bit spaced out, so we have the opportunity to sew for both of them. This month, however, the strike offs came in around the same time. While the Studio Ghibli prints are super cute, I’ve never seen the show (movie? miniseries? I really have no clue!). Because of this,  I didn’t feel like I could adequately show them off,  so I decided to sit that round out. I can’t wait to see what the seamstresses in our group make, though! At the same time, Christina posted that her Broadway strike offs were finally there and ready to be sewn!

Screenshot (29).png

Story time: I grew up one of 5 kids. I was homeschooled and a military brat who moved around a lot, so while I had a lot of friends all over the US, I wasn’t necessarily close to anyone. My brothers and I really just had each other and our parents. When I was 14, we finally moved somewhere & knew we were going to be at for quite some time. My mom went back to work and I had to go to public school for the first time in my life. The school had 5000 students! The first year, I had a lot of trouble finding my place. I was quiet and shy. A sweet church girl in the middle of tons of kids, the majority of whom had grown up very differently than me.   (I promise this is going somewhere…)

My sophomore year I found chorus class. I signed up because I needed an elective and I liked to sing, so I thought it might be a good fit….. I. LOVED. IT. So, for the next 2.5 years, I had a group of kids who really got me. We traveled together, won state vocal/singing group competitions, played together, spent tons of time together. We sang. We danced. We acted. It was a blast. Out of all my memories, chorus class and performances are some of my favorites.

Screenshot (30).png

I say all that to say that I love Broadway. Well, anything musical or theatrical, really. 🙂  When the first set of pictures went up, (collages above) I jumped on it so fast I’m sure I looked like a maniac. The round includes panels and coordinates from both Hamilton and Wicked, two of my absolute favorite works of music/drama. Because of this, I got to sew up quite a few of the Broadway options for this round and I’m so excited to share what I’ve made!

Hamilton collection

broadway final 4 copybroadway fiNAL 5 copy

I received 1 Risque size panel and one adult/plus size panel,(they were HUGE!) plus a half yard of the black and gold star coordinate in my package and immediately set to work sewing them up. I decided fairly quickly that I wanted to do something a little dressy, to fit with the “star” theme, so I used the Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart dress & peplum pattern for myself and a Simple Life Pattern Company Isla’s infinity tunic & dress pattern for my daughter. Both of these are favorites that I’m comfortable with and have made several times, so I knew I could make them fairly easily and modify them to get the look I was after. I had a vision in my head of star points, to match the star shaped cutout on the back of my daughter’s Isla dress and the stars on the fabric.

final 9 copygone batty

To get the star points on the bottom of our skirts, I used the Patterns for Pirates Gone Batty top tutorial and pattern as a basic guideline, then modified it slightly. Thanks Katy McKinley, for the brilliant idea! I was hoping to use the pattern for my strike offs, but didn’t have enough fabric. (it’s essentially a large circle skirt/top shape …a big fabric eater…with cutouts on bottom to achieve the bat wing effect.). Since I couldn’t use the pattern, I decided to make the sweetheart dress/peplum  and use the batty template, in a much smaller scale, for my peplum circle skirt. The cutouts on the original pattern were shaped like inverted half circles. To get a more pointy shape/star shape, I used a triangle cutout template instead. I folded the circle skirt in half (right down the middle) and placed traced two of my cutouts on the bottom that were the exact same size, then repeated it on the other half of the skirt. I then repeated the process for my daughter’s Isla circle skirt (which was 4 separate pieces sewn together instead of a circle skirt, since I was down to scraps at that point).  I’ve made a very crude Microsoft paint image to show the basic concept, but it will make more sense once you look at the actual pattern from above. 🙂

star point tutorial

final 7 copyfinal 6

I’m in love with how our Hamilton pieces came out and I love the bold colors in these prints! The gold is full of great “texture”, in the form of highlights and lowlights. So much so that the yellow appears to be a background of solid gold and the stars all have flecks of gold throughout them. The cotton lycra base is thick and soft. It sews up easily and has great structure.

hamilton final 2hamilton final 3broadway final copy

You can find the entire Hamilton preorder here:

Wicked collection

For the wicked preorder prints, I received one risqué size panel (20″ X 36″) , one infant/toddler size panel, plus a half yard of the Chance to fly coordinate. As cheesy and unoriginal as it may seem, I adore Wicked. Truly. Out of all the musicals, it’s second in my mind only to The Phantom of the Opera…and that’s only because I got to see that one live when I was little. So, again, I had a half formed idea in my head of the theme I wanted my piece to fit, but exact plan formulated. I knew that I wanted to do something “witchy”, but I didn’t want it to be anything overt or extreme. I went through my massive collection of patterns and settled on the George and Ginger Roadtrip Bodysuit.  I love how it provides extra coverage, but it still somewhat sexy when it needs to be. 🙂 I had yet to make a long sleeved version, so I knew that was what I wanted. I jumped in with both feet after that.

wicked final 3 copy

I’m generally a size XS/S and ended up using the entire risqué panel and most of the coordinate. If I could go back and do it again, I probably would have swapped panels with Aquila. But I suppose in the end, it came down to me selfishly liking the “I’m not THAT girl” quote just a smidge better and wanting to have it on me…it had been “THAT” kind of week. 😉 For Aquila’s piece, I had the panel left, but was quite literally down to scraps of the coordinate. I also had a few oddly shaped scraps from my panel as well. Since I was working with scraps, I decided to try and find a colorblocked pattern that I could use, so that I could add another fabric if need be. There is nothing like a classic, so I pulled out one of the first pdf patterns I ever bought, the Duck Butt Designs Panel Pocket Tee, and I got to work. 🙂

DSCF8788DSCF8831 copy

 I pieced together her entire shirt. From the back panel to the sleeves, to the back yoke. Each piece was pieced together. The shirt is fairly simple when you can follow the pattern exactly, but a bit time consuming when piecing bits together like this. Because of how painstaking the process was, I wanted the shirt to go just a bit above every day wear and look a bit dressier, so I added see through ribbon on top of the panel pieces and the middle of the colorblocked sleeves. I love the way it came out!

DSCF8809 copyDSCF8829 copy

Unfortunately, time has run out (the round closes tomorrow. sad face) and I haven’t been able to get modeled pics of Aquila in her shirt yet. The last few days have been freezing cold and wet and she’s been fighting off a cold/virus thing…so I didn’t want to have her outside in it. I did want to show off her shirt, though, so you can see it in the photos above. I’m also going to put more of my photos below as well. I’m so thrilled I got to sew up all these pretties to share with you!

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or feedback! What would you do with the fabrics, if they had been yours? Are you a Broadway, Wicked or Hamilton fan? If so, be sure to grab some of the pre orders before they close tomorrow!

wicked final 5 copy

wicked final 4 copy
Yes, it’s a Swiffer. My broom was too slow. 😉

You can find the Hamilton round here:

and the Wicked round here:

You can also find the Stardust and Moonbeam Textile Company Facebook group here:

Stardust and Moonbeam Textile Company Facebook Group

broadway final 6.jpg

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day!

With love,

April Simpson Hunt

signature blue copy

**Here are a couple of our “outtakes”. I was attempting to photograph her indoors. Between my mediocre pint and shoot camera and her toddler-ness…we never managed to get a good shot. 🙂 



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