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Like free things? Read on…

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love free stuff. Like, I get a thrill when I get a deal on something… but when it’s free? I feel a little bit(lot) like dancing.
So when I saw my friends posting all these things about influenster, I was very curious. Then, I saw said friends getting free stuff, and I  had to know more. I did a bit of research and ended up signing up. you can sign up here.

The link above is my personal referral link. I’m honestly not sure what it does or if I get anything for it, since I’m so new to the process. Please use it if you do sign up, so that I can find out and let you know! 

The sign up process didn’t amount to much at first. It seems you need to be actively involved to get their attention and get your hands on one of the boxes. I began by connecting all my social media sites (your “influence” rank is based on the amount of friends you have, I believe.) And then I went and reviewed some products. I also made sure to answer some product questions and ask questions about products I was curious about.
It helps if you’re the main shopper for your family, as you’re the one making these decisions and curious about products anyway. Also, be sure to fill out all the questionnaires they give you in the “snaps” section. This is what helps them decide which products you are most likely to use and what to send you.
Fill out all your personal info, too! You want them to have access to some basic facts about you and your family, so they know that you could use a “back to school voxbox” for your kids. If you don’t have kids, you wouldn’t have any need for it.
I received the back to school voxbox and completed all my activities, so I just received my second one! This one is just a #degreeforwomen one. it just so happens that degree is my favourite deodorant anyway, so it’s perfection. This new dry spray motion sense deodorant is amazing! Smells like a million bucks. I just put it on…so we will see if it holds up as well as the standard version. This scent is the ultraclear black and white version, if you would like to check it out.

Again, here is the link to check out #influenster. I’m not a pushy person, so feel free to sign up whenever and however you want, just be sure to check it out. It’s definitely a little fun way to try new things and add a bit of excitement to your days, which as a work at home/stay at home mom, tend to get super monotonous at times. 🙂

PS: there is a new mega beauty voxbox coming soon, with a lot of the winners for different  beauty categories on influenster. People voted and now some lucky ladies (or gents!) Are going to get to test out the products! I have all my fingers crossed, as I could really use some oomph in the beauty/makeup department. If you’re a beauty/makeup Buff, nows your chance to get in! What are you waiting for??? 🙂
I received the deodorant pictured complimentary from influenster for testing purposes…but I already told you that. lol. I had to put the disclaimer, just in case. 🙂

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